Work Samples

The Arts & Entertainment Editor and a regular contributor.

blueband brand and digital
Copywriter for the following brand’s Facebook accounts

La Creme Cow
Black Diamond
Astro kik

Copywriter for the following websites:

Black DiamondBlack Diamond Cheese Spread

Don’t Believe a Word I Say:

Why You Gotta Hate on Old?
What’s the Deal with Vampires?

Martial Arts – Movie Mayhem – Not Your Mother’s Chick Flick

Film, Food & Fun!
(a blog by me about to of my favourite pastimes, eating and watching movies)


Barbarian sketch for TAAFI (Toronto Animation Arts Festival International) opening night ceremonies: TAAFIBarbarianSketch

Inside Entertainment:

George Stroumboulpoulos
Vulcan Preview
Celeb Scent
Style 2
Style 3
Awards Fashion
Harry Potter

a Blog of Cheese:

Festival of Chefs Preview: Starfish
Festival of Chefs Preview: Canoe
Festival of Chefs Preview: Mistura
Festival of Chefs Preview: Frank
Festival of Chefs Preview: George Brown
Festival of Chefs Preview: Langdon Hall
Festival of Chefs Preview: CAVA

Emer’s Top 20 2010 TIFF Pricks
It’s Aug-tober at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival
Katherine Heigl Matches Wits with Gerard Butler in The Ugly Truth
Inside Job: Fiscally Fascinating
Get Better Brows, Lashes and Lips
Blame: A High Tension Thriller
13 Assassins is Bloody Brilliant
Jammin’ With Janie Jones
Casino Jack Book Launch
Centurion: An Epic Chase Adventure
Roller Derby Rocked!
Brace Yourself: Ms Dynamite is Gonna Explode
Grenier Graces Toronto with Presence for Teenage Paparazzo
The Last Exorcism Possesses the Bloor Cinema
Aniston and Bateman team up for The Switch
Scott Pilgrim Conquers the World…or at Least Toronto
Humpday: Awkwardly Awesome
Public Enemies: Starring the Delicious Depp


The Deck and Deckowner Relationship Deconstructed (ghost written)
Alfresco Fiestas

Glam Gardening
Blissful Bath Time
Optimize Outdoor Enjoyment
East Coast Kitchen Party
Summertime Energy Saving Tips
Eco-Conscious Home Cooling


Soap (mockummercial with Awesome Digital, was co-creator)
Black Cadillacs (clip from the Ferro Film short, was writer and exec producer)


Assistant on Men’s Fashion Shoot


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