Chatting with Revolution’s Rob Stewart


I got to sit down with filmmaker Rob Stewart of Sharkwater fame to discuss his follow up documentary, Revolution. Read all about it on Addicted in “Talkin’ About a Revolution with Rob Stewart.”

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Cheesy’s Movie Madness for Cheestrings

Cheesy's Movie Madness CheestringsBe sure to check and enjoy Cheesy’s Movie Madness for Cheestrings! This was my first full campaign copywriting at blueband brand and digital. I had a lot of fun coming up with fun Facebook posts and all the copy for the microsite and the six fun games.


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Buster’s Fish House

Don’t let the unassuming front nor the old school laminated menus fool you, for taste is what trumps at Buster’s Fish House.

Located on Lakeshore Blvd. W. in Etobicoke, it’s a fair trek out from the downtown Toronto core;  if you find yourself at Long Branch Beach, Sherway Gardens shopping centre, or just feel like taking a drive from wherever you call home, it’s definitely worth incorporating into your outing.  The interior of the restaurant is casual yet cozy, and has a no-frills atmosphere that says it’s the food, not the flare, that matters in this place. Read on in “Buster’s Fish House is Quite the Catch” on Addicted.

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See My Selections of Special Presentations at TIFF ’13


I’m getting giddy with excitement for the most wonderful movie time of the year: TIFF! There are so many fabulous flicks to choose from that I’ve started sorting through the titles programme by programme. See some highlights from the Special Presentations on Addicted in “Taking a Look at TIFF: Special Presentations.”

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A Gander at TIFF Gala Presentations


The Toronto International Film Festival is around the corner and I’m already starting to get excited. With hundreds of films scheduled, it can sometimes feel daunting to sift through them all and make decisions. But I finally bucked up and did it, taking on the task in bite-sized chunks. Below are highlights from the Gala Presentations Programme. This one is a fun one, taking place at Roy Thomson Hall with a red carpet and screaming fans and paparazzi. These are great screenings to get all gussied up and go to. Check out my top three picks in “Taking a Look at TIFF: Gala Presentations” up on Addicted.

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Not Crazy About Kick Ass 2


Characters of 2010′s Kick Ass return in a sequel. In Kick Ass 2, the hero can no longer resist the draw of the Spandex suit and decides to revive his everyday superhero persona. Read more on Addicted‘s “Kick Ass 2 Not Kicking Ass.”

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The Bizarre Berberian Sound Studio


Berberian Sound Studio sucks you in and creeps you out. Read the review of this bizarre but captivating film on Addicted in “Uber Eerier Berberian Sound Studio

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