10 Titles to Check Out at TIFF 2012

Today is the day! The first of 10 gloriously film filled days when Toronto becomes a hub for movie lovers and movie stars. This is to a film fanatic what Christmas is to an innocent child hopped up on candy canes who still believes in Santa Claus and knows everything on their list is wrapped in under the tree. Yes, I get very excited at TIFF time. During the Toronto International Film Festival the city becomes abuzz with excited movie goers, hopeful stargazers, swarming paparazzi, the celebrities who set their hearts and flashes aflutter…and let’s not forget the films that are the reason everyone’s here.

tiff toronto international film festival

And on that note, I read through the brief synopsi of every title showing at TIFF, and while it was extremely tough narrowing it down to just a handful to write a brief blurb on, it was great to see what stellar selections there are available. Here are small snippets representing a tiny percentage of what TIFF has to offer. I grabbed just one title from most of the programme categories (being indecisive by nature and also wishing I could watch everything this was very tough to choose). Think of these as suggestions, or an amuse-bouche (or rather an amuse-yeux), but continue researching on line, read reviews, and ask friends. Some of the best recommendations I’ve received have been from strangers while waiting in the long movie ques.

Read what titles I selected are on a more focused blog I’ve created: Film, Food & Fun

p.s. please excuse the repeated opening paragraphs 🙂

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