A Beast of a Brunch

Situated smack in a residential neighbourhood is Beast, a brilliant brunch spot. It’s got a great petite patio right on a corner with just enough greenery and shade. Being slightly removed from the bustling nearby King and Queen streets creates a calmer atmosphere; more relaxing, less distracting, easier to hear your friends, and probably better for digestion too.

In my opinion, the best way to begin brunch is with a mimosa. It’s a refreshing bubbly beverage that feigns “healthy” because of the vitamin-packed o.j. Beast’s mimosa was lovely with nice juicy bits of pulp. Their caesars were also deliciously spicy.

beast restaurant toronto brunch nadia elkharadly caryl canzius

Lovely ladies to brunch with: Nadia with mimosa and Caryl with casesar (and yes, that is Degrassi‘s Snake enjoying his brunch behind them).

On to the main attraction: the food! I was lucky to be with a group of gals who didn’t skip the sharing lesson in kindergarten and were having an equally hard time deciding between the deliciously described menu items. After some debate we narrowed it down to three options, each one of which will be a repeat…

smoked trout falafel beast brunch toronto restaurant

Smoked trout falafel benedict. I’m big benedict fan, and believe the hollandaise sauce is often the make of break element. Well, the sauce was perfect, but what truly made this dish was the trout falafel!

beastwich breakfast sandwich beast restaurant toronto brunch

The Beastwich. This mammoth breakfast sandwich was “mmm” inducing. Piled atop a buttermilk biscuit was juicy fried chicken thigh topped with pimiento cheese and two fried eggs, then smothered in pork sausage gravy.

french toast beast restaurant toronto brunch

French toast. Four thick slices of challah topped with duck confit, whipped crème fraiche, then powdered with icing sugar and sprinkled with fresh Ontario blueberries. As if that wasn’t rich and lovely enough, a side of maple syrup sweetened the deal even more.

Speaking of sweet, the doughnuts…oh the drool-worthy freshly baked doughnuts.  This day the selection was maple bacon and s’mores. So darn good, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves as I can’t type with justice to what my taste buds salivated over…

doughnuts beast restaurant toronto brunch maple bacon smoredoughnuts beast restaurant toronto brunch maple bacon smoredoughnuts beast restaurant toronto brunch maple bacon smore

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One Response to A Beast of a Brunch

  1. those donuts — are you kidding me?! *drool*

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