Disappointing Dark Shadows

The combo of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is one of my favourite. I find this darkly dynamic duo often join forces to create great gothic films. That was why when I first heard about Dark Shadows I was very excited. Then I started to see trailers and my eagerness weaned a wee bit. But it’s Burton and Depp, I simply had to see it. Besides, if trailers can make bad movies look good, perhaps the reverse was true also. Unfortunately that was not the case. I found the film flat, dull, and as lifeless as the vampire’s heart. The story is that of unrequited love. A witch (Eva Green) who was a servant to a wealthy family falls in deep love with Barnabas, the young son (Johnny Depp), who spurns her love for that of another. To spite this slight the witch curses Barnabas (I must confess I rather liked this name) where tragedy will befall all those he loves and he himself is turned into a vampire. The witch turns the villagers against Barnabas and into an angry mob who lock him in a coffin. Skip ahead centuries and the Barnabas is freed into the 70’s. Everything he’s ever known has changed…save the scorned witch’s passionate hatred and desire to destroy his family. While vampires, unrequited love, curses, the 70s and all the other ingredients should mix together to concoct a fun film, it simply didn’t deliver. Though, note to the aforementioned ingredient of the 70’s, the soundtrack was quite enjoyable.

dark shadows johnny depp tim burton movie

The best parts of this theatre-going experience were the trailers for Frankenweenie and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I’m keen to see both and hope that this eager anticipation isn’t in vain…again…

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