The MO-nth of Movember

It’s that MO-nth again, Movember, when guys across Canada and around the world sprout their upper lip to raise awareness and funds for men’s health in general, and prostate cancer in particular. Known as Mo Bros, these men begin with face cleanly shaven as smooth as a baby’s bottox, then spend the duration of the month trying to outstach each other in magnificent moustachery. Whether it be a walrus, handlebar, pencil, or any of the other stache styles, these men are doing their part by growing, and everyone else can do their part by donating. Head to the site and find a friend, or, if you don’t personally know anyone involved but still want to dontate, why not support my brother Colm Schlosser:

movember colm schlosser

My Bro's Mo Bro Page

Movember culminates with the infamous Gala Parté, which in Toronto is on Dec 2 at Kool Haus. Here Mo Bros can celebrate together and have their upper lip hair honoured with awards such as Best Mo in Character and Man of Movember 2011. And ladies, don’t feel left out, there’s always the Miss Movember crown you can aim for.

Good growth to all the Mo Bros participating. May the stache be with you!

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