The Toronto Triumph had their second and final home game of their first season in the Lingerie Football League on Friday night, so when an opportunity to check this “sport” out I couldn’t resist. I used sarcastic quotes around sport but I’m still undecided as to whether it’s a sport or purely spectacle. A combination of being slightly tardy and one of the slowest beer lines ever made me miss the first quarter. However, when I finally made it in what I was confronted with was girls in bras, panties, garter belts, shoulder pads, and helmets running up and down a 50 yard field with a foam padded perimeter. The energetic fans were almost as entertaining as the game…if you can call it that…it was more like a demolition with the Baltimore Charm kicking some serious Toronto butt to ensure they were not triumphant. But all in all it was entertaining and myself as well as the gaggle of guys I went with had a blast!

toronto triumph lingerie football league

The lovely ladies of the Toronto Triumph

Here were my thoughts from before, during, and after the game:

  • it seems like a gimmick that won’t last so gotta see it while you can
  • it was the season closer (granted their only other game was their season opener…but nonetheless…)
  • the controversy surrounding the majority of the team quitting a week before piqued my curiosity
  • I kinda felt like a girl going to a strip club with a bunch of guys
  • I’m surprised there weren’t any Janet Jackson moments
  • I feel bad about the wardrobe, not from a feminist anti-Vic Secret perspective, but from one who used to play field hockey on turf in a little kilt…that amount of bare skin and no-holds-bars-tackles will lead to some seriously painful turf burn!
  • why would anyone pay $100 for perv row when you can purchase $13 tickets and move down to a perfectly good vantage point?
  • why oh why would you stop serving beer at half time??? This makes no sense from neither a fun nor a financial perspective!
  • oh great, another Toronto team that sucks
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One Response to LFL…LOL

  1. RogueFanatic says:

    I like the post…I saw one of these games on MTV2. I agree with you that it seems like a gimmick and I know it will not last for long, but I have to admit those women out there are going full-speed and playing some football! ehhh, its fun while it lasts, lol.

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