Don’t be Afraid of the Dark…Don’t Worry, I wasn’t…

I want to start off by saying I went in really wanting to like Don’t be Afraid of the Dark. I’m a Guillermo del Toro fan and with him in producer and screenwriter roles I had high hopes. However, while there were a number of elements and correct ingredients, something in the execution was amiss.

Don't be afraid of the dark guillermo del toro katie holmes guy pearce

Don't be Afraid of the Dark

The premise is basically evil tooth fairies (but these guys were about as frightening as The Rock in Tooth Fairy) who dwell down an ash shoot in a creepy old house and lure children down so they can feast on their teeth. It was really reminiscent of Gremlins, critter horrors from the ‘80s, and a few scenes even reminded me of Gulliver’s Travels. None of the afore mentioned are really that terrifying. At one point I thought to myself, Katie Holmes is the best actor here…which was quickly followed up by a subsequent thought, oh dear, what does that say about the film.

The art direction was rich and lovely and there were some sequences that made me jump, but unfortunately there were a number of holes which left as many questions. Perhaps it was a case of excessive expectations, and I should learn to lower mine? Or maybe if I’d seen the original 1973 made for TV movie I’d know more of what I was in for?

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