First 8 Titles Released from the Toronto After Dark Film Festival

toronto after dark horror film festival


It’s still a month and a bit away, but anticipation is mounting for the Toronto After Dark film festival as yesterday they released 8 titles in the 2011 line-up. The first slew of films looks like an interesting blend. Check out the sizzle reel to see what tickles your fancy. As for me, here’s what I’m most looking forward to:

  • A buddy zom-com called Deadheads
  • A monster version of WWE with Dave Foley called Monster Brawl (this year’s opening night gala)
  • Exit Humanity which is a a period zombie flick that combines live action and animation
  • Love, a tale about an astronaut coming to terms with an apocalyptic event on earth

There are four more, but they don’t look like my cup of tea. And here’s a warning before watching all the trailers: The Theatre Bizarre has some interesting casting (including Tom Savini) but looks too twisted and shock gore for my constitution (I can’t stand needles to begin with, but seeing one go into in an eye in the trailer made my stomach churn).

This marks the 6th year of the festival and is the first year the venue has changed and Toronto Underground Cinema will host (as the previous home, Bloor Cinema, is currently undergoing a makeover). It also marks a return to the pre-Halloween October time of year, which I much prefer to August. Now we wait for the release of the final titles…

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