Sotch & Soda Opens in the Eaton Centre

Amsterdam-based clothing company Scotch & Soda launched their new Toronto branch last night in the Eaton Centre. Guests were able to peruse the collection while listening to the DJ stylings of Armand Diego, sipping delightful Belvedere-based cocktails, and snacking on nibblies from Nyood.

caryl canzius scotch and soda toronto

Caryl modeling a lovely navy wool cap

While I enjoyed many elements of the clothing, specifically the attention to detail – patterned lining in a blazer, loads of fun buttons on a pant fly, fun jewellery with items, etc – on a whole it was underwhelming…slightly pricy for casual wear in my opinion. Though lots of shirts in lovely material that layered nicely with tanks. My favorite was the addition of thin hanging suspenders to trousers.

scotch and soda toronto eaton centre

black bow tie sleeve bands...very cute accessory!

That being said, I liked the men’s selection a lot and would enjoy seeing guys dressed in their pants and shirts. Lots of fitted plaid shirts, a very lovely beige plaid jacket, and dark relaxed fitting denim.

scotch and soda

men's hanging around gear

It was a mostly muted collection, but I am looking forward to keeping an eye on what they have to show in seasons to come.

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