Yes! Midnight Madness!

The only way better than watching a scary movie at night during a thunder and lightning storm in the middle of nowhere with only a few friends is in a theatre filled with hardcore horror fans. Everyone gets into, reacts with it, and if it’s bad, throws great comments at it. So I was rather excited to find out the TIFF Midnight Madness line-up has been released. Here’s a brief summary of the films in the order in which I want to see them:

Katsuhito Ishii, acclaimed Japanese director of such mind fucking films as Funky Forest, shows his latest venture, Smuggler. The film follows a wannabe actor who’s forced to turn to smuggling in order to pay off massive gambling debts. Unfortunately his path crosses with a psychotic gangster.

The Day will appeal to post-apocalyptic fans as five survivors struggle to, well, survive.

The Raid is about a raid on drug lord in a dangerous slum in Jakarta that goes terribly terribly wrong. What’s terribly right is that the film stars martial arts expert Iko Uwais.

God Bless America has the comedian whose voice rivals Gilbert Godfrey’s, Bobcat Goldthwait, bring to screen the story of a disgruntled man who turns into a Darwinian sniper.

Described as a gothic nightmare, Livid follows friends as they break into a mansion on a treasure hunt, and in doing so unlock evils.

A family is attacked in a secluded country setting in You’re Next. Expect to see flying axes, crossbows, and machetes.

Set in an asylum, The Incident has members of a rock band moonlight as kitchen staff who have the misfortune of working on a night when a storm shuts the power off, disabling the high-security security…

In Kill List, a soldier-cum-contract-killer is dragged into a dark and disturbing world as he and his partner track their target.

Director of The Blair Witch Project brings Lovely Molly, the story of a woman whose horrendous childhood haunts her.

Sleepless Night has drugs, kidnapping, nightclubs, threats, and the location of Paris.

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