Day Four With With Her

Embarking on an indie film adventure is kinda like riding the Mighty Canadian Minebuster at Canada’s Wonderland…it’s rickety at parts, you’re not entirely sure you’ll survive, but you enjoy the ride. With Her was in its fetal form as a rough script last year, it metamorphosed and became slightly more vivid when the pre-production phase began in early January. Since then it’s been a roller coaster ride, lots of ups and downs, editing, uncertainty, excitement, planning, fundraising, location scouting, casting, etc., etc., etc. Pre-production can seem theoretical and abstract, but the project began to feel tangible when characters were cast and solidified when the cameras began to roll in June. Last Sunday was the final day of shooting, bringing the production chapter to a conclusion.

director framing his shot

Using Baby Huey as a location, it time to get the B Roll footage of male escort Matthew (Taylor Davis) on various dates with his muy caliente clientele.

escort and client (or actor and real life gf)

last minute hair primping

last minute lipstick

emer schlosser

that's a wrap 🙂

And with that wrapped, that’s pre production and production in the bag. Next With Her will enter the ether of editing for post production. Best of luck…

K + G

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