Off to Chinese Bakery to Fill Up on Buns

Looking for something cheap and quick to eat or snack on? A Chinese bakery is an easy answer. Personally, I’m a big fan of the bbq pork buns. Much to my dismay, my absolute favourite Chinese bakery – Yung Sing on Baldwin – has been closed for renovations for what seems like forever! (Please reopen, I miss you!!!) That was one of my comfort staples! Better than popcorn, I used to love swinging by Yung Sing before a movie for a couple buns, spring roll or two, and those delicious shrimp rolls that you had to eat quickly before they turned the brown paper bags translucent.

chinese bakery dundas toronto

Chinese Bakery on Dundas

I work in Chinatown so there are many many options. One I recently tried out was simply called Chinese Bakery.

chinese bakery toronto chinatown food dundas street

Trays full of treats!

There was a mass amount of selection and the entire contents of those two trays came to a whopping $8. The bags of baked, steamed and fried treasures sufficed not only for lunch for two, but snacks for two also…and then some. Lesson learned, don’t be a glutton, two or three items will do just fine.

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