My Top 10 out of TIFF’s First 50

The Toronto International Film Festival is just around the corner. It’s like Christmas for Torontonian cinemaniacs! The first 50 films have been unveiled. Here are my top 10 (and then a some)…

360. The director of City of God, Fernando Meirelles, directs Rachel Weisz, Anthony Hopkins, and Jude Law in this dramatic thriller about sexual relationships.

Albert Nobbs. I’m a Glenn Close fan and in this film, which she co-wrote, she stars as a nineteenth-century Irish lass who dresses as a man to work as a butler for two decades.

The Artist. This one sounds intriguing. It’s a black and white silent flick by director Michel Hazanavicius  with Jean Dujardin, Malcolm MacDowell, John Goodman and James Cromwell.

Butter. A film about the competitive world of butter carving? Maybe. A cast consisting of Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Garner, Alicia Silverstone, Rob Cordry? Definitely!

The Lady. Luc Besson directs Michelle Yeoh as Burmese pro-democtacy activist, leader and political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi.

Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. A comedy about a woman (Catherine Keener) who leaves her husband and takes her children to her estranged and eccentric mother (Jane Fonda) by Australian director extraordinaire Bruce Beresford.

Salmon Fishing in Yemen. Ewan McGregor stars as a fisheries scientist who tries to introduce salmon fishing in, you guess it, Yemen.

The Skin I Live In. I don’t always “like” Pedro Almodóvar’s films, but they’re always interesting and he’s excellent at making an audience squirm.

Twixt. Francis Ford Coppola doing Edgar Allen Poe? I’m intrigued.

Where Do We Go Now? I love musicals but haven’t seen one set in Lebanon…yet…


Michael Fassbender. Love him! He’s got 2 flicks in the fest (so far): Shame and A Dangerous Method.

Madonna directing? Curious? Check out W.E.

Sarah Polley. Big fan of the female filmmaker from Canada. Very interested to see her next feature, Take this Waltz.

Shakespeare. There are two films (to count) concerning the prolific playwright. Coriolanus has its big screen debut with Ralph Fiennes both starring and directing, while Anonymous questions who really wrote what.

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