Have a Hankering for Hunger Games

hunger games book literature teen fiction suzanne collins

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


If bookaholism was a condition, it would be something that’s genetically passed through my genes. My mother’s side of the family has a large love for literature. My aunts, mother, grandmother and myself often find ourselves guilty of doing the “one more chapter” reads deep into the night/morning. I get excited when I find a book that’s riveting enough to rip through, and I find myself sharing it with everyone, hoping they’ll also fall in love with said book. Series also hold an extra special place, as they leave you anticipating the next one…or in the case of the last in a series, savouring the last few chapters, wishing it wouldn’t end.

I vividly remember seeing the sun creep in through my bedroom window many a nights as I devoured the Harry Potter series. Now another series found in the teen fiction section of your local bookstore has captured my attention: Hunger Games. This trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins, has not only me and my friends frantically flipping pages and getting so absorbed we’re missing streetcar stops, but has received rave reviews from the literati like Stephen King.

The series is set in the future in a world where one “Capitol” reins over Districts, which are slave-like colonies. To keep the districts in line and knowing their place, there’s an annual Hunger Games, in which a male and female adolescent from each district is picked from a lottery and forced to participate in a battle to the death. This fatal game of survival is mandatory reality show viewing to everyone. That’s the very basic premise; I don’t want to reveal more because I think it’s worth finding out on your own. But be warned, this isn’t a book for the squeamish. There are young children slaying each other, and the gore that goes with death for entertainment. It’s sort of a gladiators meets Lord of the Flies meets Death Race meets Battle Royale with elements of love triangles a la Twilight and the audience-ability of Harry Potter.

To fuel the need to go out and read this soon is that it’s being turned into a movie. Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, and Lenny Kravitz are some of the cast attached to the film project. IMDb says it’s slated for a release in March of next year. I already can’t wait!

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