Frozen Treats in Toronto: Menchies

menchies frozen yoghurt toronto

Menchies on Bloor

I think the first time I walked into Menchies, a few years were automatically shaved off and I reverted to feeling like an excited kid in a Willy Wonka-like candy store.

menchies frozen yoghurt toronto

the 3 step process

Menchies is a DIY frozen yoghurt chain that gives a 3 step process to frozen treats:

  • Fill a tub with ice cream
  • Cover said tub with toppings
  • Weight in and cash out
menchies forzen yoghurt toronto

Step 1: fill the bowl

Here is where you can fill your own tub with as much frozen yoghurt as you like, mixing and matching the rotating fat free kosher flavours to your heart’s content. One of the best parts is the ability to sample them all in little cartons I’d previously only seen used for pills in a hospital or jell-o shooters.


...more toppings...

...and even more toppings...

Next comes the smorgasbord of toppings. Everything from the standard sprinkles to cereals, gummies, shortbread and brownie bits, fruit, sauces, and lots of in between. There should be a warning, though, that gluttonous eyes that are bigger and greedier than the stomach can result in a mess (albeit often a delicious mess) and potential tummy upsets. Exercise restraint and remember you can always go back another day and create a totally different concoction.

...did I mention toppings?

I recently tasted a similar concept in New York, Pinkberry, which will be included in the upcoming report: NYC in 3.

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