Eating Our Way Through Kensington: Roti Spot

I’m usually a huge fan of rotis! Growing up Island Foods was a staple between field hockey games at Lamport Stadium (usual order being a boneless chicken roti and a bottle of Ting). Then in the last few years I discovered Gandhi’s. I don’t know what they put in the butter chicken roti (to which I always add raita) but it has something that hooks you and leaves you with a hankering for more (not the in same day, mind you, the rotis are huge – the size of a small pillow – and often make both lunch and dinner for me). Then I was introduced to Bacchus and their #1 house special of spinach, squash, shrimp, and cheese. It may sound like an “interesting” combination, but trust, it’s amazing. This long preamble was to explain my love of the roti and why I was quite excited to spot a sign that said roti in Kensington Market and subsequently why I was left a little disappointed.

kensington market toronto

The spot...will try and remember the name...or find my glasses so I can read it on the pic...

While walking up Augusta looking for something to tickle our tummy’s fancy, we spotted a corner place that had a silver stand looking like an ice cream bar. Upon closer inspection we discovered that rather than barrels of ice cream there were rotis and samosas – very nicely priced ones at that. So we decided to indulge.

kensington market toronto food

the stall

kensington market food roti samosa

rotis and samosas

I’m sad to report the roti was just so-so. It was by no means bad, but it was rather doughy and lacked in flavour.


roti...dough to filling ratio was off

Same has to be said about the samosas. Not bad, but packed no punch, not even a weak wussy slap. So, from a convenience factor and price point the two items would satisfy, but there were nothing to rave about or crave.

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