Frozen Treats in Toronto: Mr Cream

There are numerous ways to beat the heat in the summertime. Escape into an air conditioned movie, perch under an umbrella on a patio with a cold cocktail, picnic in the shade with a popsicle, jump in a lake, run through a sprinkler…or, find a tasty frozen treat.

mr cream ice cream kensington market toronto

Mr Cream

On one such scorching hot day, during a walk through Kensington, neon lights grabbed my attention and drew me in: it was Mr Cream. If you forgive the name and walk in you’ll find the inside’s painted a yummy mint choc chip greeny-turquoise (without brown chips)

mr cream kensington market toronto ice cream

Where's you're this creamy, they call you mister...

The flavours change daily, but some of the ones that jumped out at me were:

  • Chili Chocolate Cherry
  • Black Cherry
  • Ferrero Roche
  • And one of my fave, mint chocolate chip
dessert ice cream mr cream toronto emer schlosser kristopher finnigan

Enjoying my forzen treat with Mr Finnigan

Had to go with the classic (mint choc chip) and it totally hit the spot. The only comment (and note this is never a complaint when it comes to ice cream) was that the scoop was HUGE and I struggled a wee bit to finish…but I didn’t let it defeat me and refreshed with every lick.

*For pie fans out there, note they sell Chudleigh’s Applie Pies!

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