Eating Our Way Through Kensington: Last Temptation

The Last Temptation was our first temptation as we entered the base of Kensington Market. Our stomachs had no particular destination in mind, but a sunny patio and sandwich board suggesting sangria and a banquet burger drew us right in.

last temptation kensington market toronto restaurant

Last Temptation

The summer rolls were fresh and light. However, the comment was that they would be best shared as an appetizer, and when ordered as a light meal for one, the taste became bland and was too much of the same.

summer roll

Summer Roll

The banquet burger – a cheeseburger with bacon – was good. It wasn’t the best burger I’ve ever had, but hit the spot nicely. It had the traditional white bun, standard cheese, and usual toppings. All in all a good ol’ fashioned burger. I particularly enjoyed the fact that mayo was included in the condiment collection along with ketchup and mustard (as opposed to often having to ask for it).

banquet burger last temptation kensington market toronto restaurant

Banquet Burger

The warmth didn’t just come from the sun. One of the best aspects of this lunch experience was the very warm and helpful server. This would be a repeat, especially to try the sangria that looked delicious!

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