Every now and then it’s interesting (maybe even important) to stop and take stock of yourself. Ask yourself questions. Are you content? Are you living up to your potential? Are you striving for the characteristics you admire in others? This latter question is one I often ask myself when remembering people who have left us. Did friends and family who have passed on have traits I admired and wish I embodied and carried on in their absence? For me there are many, and when I pause to think of these loved ones I worry that I’m not living up to the legacy they set.

Anatol Schlosser

Anatol Schlosser

My father was always there at the drop of a hat for any and everyone (be it a late night chauffer from a party in high school, a pep talk en route to field hockey, or career advice for the cashier at Noah’s). No matter the time, person, or reason, if someone wanted (or needed without knowing they wanted) help or advice he was without a doubt present. He was a rock. When I get tired, lazy or complacent I remember his unwavering energy, enthusiasm, and support and think if he could do it, so should I strive. Miss you Papa!

george hickenlooper

George Hickenlooper

For a brief moment in time my life was graced with a friend and a mentor. Someone who showed me unwavering and wholehearted support, and gave me confidence and a much welcome and needed push in the right direction. His continued interest and encouragement is something I’ll never forget, and is something I hope I can pay forward to many others. Thank you George!

John Douglas Rawes Wright

Doug Wright

More recently, the world was robbed of a charismatic soul and friend. He was the type of person who made everyone feel welcome, wanted, and special. He had a knack for being interested and focused when one-on-one and equally adept at being cognizant of everyone around and ensuring no one feels left out. He was the life of the party (tie ’round the head and all). If he was able to leave such a strong, lasting impression in the too few years he had, we should all strive to channel a similar zest for life. Happy birthday Doug!

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One Response to Reflection

  1. Luan Egan says:

    Missing Anatol maybe more keenly today, 10 years on. I will always feel honored to be one of the many lives he touched. Turning up at my door unexpectedly for tea, enveloping me in a hug, dramatically whispering “let me in, they can’t find me here!” Leaving messages on my answering machine “I saw you at your mothers and you didn’t stop to say hello”.

    I saw him while visiting my mother that evening, Sept 11, 2002. He was on the second floor back porch, apparently doing a repair. I kept watching for him to look up, to return my wave, but he didn’t. How was I to know that I was waving goodbye?

    Thinking of Anatol today, and also of you Emer, and your family. I hope it is a day you can spend celebrating the love that you all shared.

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