Submarine: A Quirky Coming-of-Age Comedy

submarine british film move poster


The protagonist is Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts), a 15-year-old living in Wales. He’s trying to find himself, trying to save his parents marriage that is disintegrating before his eyes, and of course there’s a girl (Yasmin Paige) and the common quest to lose their virginity.

submarine movie film still

Oliver Tate

Submarine is not your typical teen flick, though the elements of not fitting in, first kisses, and bullying are all there, it’s more than a tad darker than John Hughes.

oliver tate in the uk film submarine

Oliver and Jordana

The parents, played by Sally Hawkins and Noah Taylor, were brilliant. My favourite and most awkward scenes were with each of them and their attempts to relate to their son. (The father even makes a mix tape with songs for every spectrum on the relationship, from beginning to demise.) The neighbor (Paddy Considine), whom Oliver thinks is a ninja, reminds me ever so slightly of Napoleon Dynamite.

director richard ayoade

Director Richard Ayoade

Based on a novel by Joe Dunthorne, Submarine marks Rchard Ayoade’s film debut. The stylized cinematography was wonderful and a great carrier for the journey.  And the soundtrack was a great traveling companion.

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