Eating Our Way Through Kensington: First Stop, Spicy Grill

Kate and Emer and their stomachs are on a mission to eat their way through Kensington Market, one food joint at a time. The first spot on their culinary tour was Spicy Grill: Indo Pak Cuisine. This one won first honours as weeks ago we heard about a place that served butter chicken poutine. This Indo-Can sounding dish had us salivating at the mere thought. The only worry was, would it live up to our mounting expectations?

Spicy Grill Indian Restaurant in Kensington Market Toronto

Spicy Grill

The answer, simply put, was YES.

Butter Chicken Poutine from Spicy Grill in Kensington Market Toronto

Butter Chicken Poutine!

It was scrumptious! While the butter chicken sauce was rather runny (and perhaps would be thin on its own), the spiced fries eagerly soaked it up. The combination of stringy cheese, chunks of chicken, tomato-based sauce, and spiced fries added into a bowl of yum. That dish alone was filling enough for lunch, and for $5 it was a nice deal. Definately worth a do over!


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