Day Two With With Her

Day two on set with With Her didn’t officially kick off until much needed caffeine entered my blood stream.

Espresso and croissant…the perfect breakfast (behind bagel, lox, cream cheese and red onion)

Following that were the heavy dialogue scenes of film: the interviews between William (Joseph Murray) and Matthew (Taylor Davis).

Behind the lens

My arms often feel tired when looking at boom operators.

Writer interviewing gigolo.

View through the monitor.

Then it was off to the bookstore for our largest crowd scene. Thank you to all the wonderful extras who volunteered their time!

Lining up the shot.

Again...arms feeling tired...

Spotted in the scene....Nadia!

The Pašić's

Music legend Robert Segarini was kind enough to play our author, Sherman Lesse.

More to come when my brain cells recover with more rest…

…until then, enjoy the coverage from our main featured Woman, Raymi the Minx, who did a spectacular job on set on Saturday!!!

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