Day One With With Her

Day one of shooting the short film With Her finally drew to a happy ending. Fun footage of two of the leads being cute, cuddly, and sudsy took the majority of the day. The last portion was the sexiest scene in the short. It was a closed set, but the moans escalating through the walls sounded pretty hot. It’s 1am after a 13-hour day surrounded by hot lights and the stress of not running on schedule, so I’m too knackered to write, but here’re some snapshots to get a glimpse of the day…

Marked off on the calendar

Directors K-Finn and G-Man


That's right, this treat caused much excitement...

...and disbelief.

Lead men's man love

We kept our boys in their briefs today...

Reminiscent of Rodin’s Thinker, no?

Crew taking 5, having a laugh...Gewels, Kanish, and Aaron

Taylor and Raymi readying with some liquid courage

…and that was a wrap on Day 1. Which left only one thing left to do: drop off keys from our last location. Luckily it was a quick trip around the corner to The Dakota Tavern where Nadia (thanks for letting us short soft core in your pad) and Kim had gone post roller derby.

Lovelerly ladies Kim and Nadia

(Here’s an aside, if you’ve never seen a roller derby game, I recommend remedying that! They’re a blast, and the best part are the awesome names; I’m torn between The Schlossinator and….nope, haven’t actually thought of anything cool enough…yet…

While at Dakota, I was fortunate enough to catch CATL. A rad rootin’ tootin’ rock and roll trio that’s been garnering buzz as of late. Catch them on July 14th when they play at Amsterdam Brewery for the Open Roof Festival.



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