Toronto All Abuzz

Toronto is a wonderful city, especially in the summer! There is so much going on, it’s difficult to keep up and squeeze it all in. Last weekend I attended four festivals in just one day. Beginning with 1,000 Tastes of Toronto…

1000 Tastes of Toronto

The food festival locked down John Street (what was left of it South of the MMVA stage and red carpet blockade), and tasty stalls popped up to dole out delectable treats. However, my taste buds took a backseat to dislike of lines and my aunt Clare and myself opted to stick to the President’s Choice area. There a plethora of plates lined a wall for people to graffiti their favourite food spots or dishes.

Artistic Aunt Clare

Clare and I attempted artistic talent on tippy toes to tribute our affection for Amaya and Gandhi’s butter chicken on a high up dish.

Butter Chicken Love

While pursuing other people’s plate art and selections, we munched on complimentary sausages and a scrumptious sparkling fruit drink.


We walked and wandered as we digested our free food and stumbled upon a Luminato performance. The beautiful Arabic songs drew us in like sirens, and drew those closer still to jump up and bellydance in front of the stage (nothing like a post snack workout).


A Telus tent was serving liquid refreshments that hit the spot considering the blasting of the sun. Lemonade really is one of the perfect summer afternoon drinks (along with sangria, mojitos, margaritas…)!

Refreshing Lemonade

Next on the agenda was a picnic in Trinity Bellwood Park with some ladies to listen to NXNE bands strum under some trees.

Ladies who Brunch


A smorgasbord of fruit, berries, cheese, scones and vino filled our mouths, Forest City Lovers and Harlan Pepper entertained our ears, and a non-stop flow of pedestrians provided ample people watching for our eyes.

Music in the Park

Harlan Pepper

North to College for Taste of Little Italy was next. Patios overflowed into the streets that were completely jammed with people, stalls, and musicians. Every few steps would lead you to new music, new epicurean aromas, and new lines to get onto the patios. Finally a spot with no queue was found for a quick bite.

Senior Italian Choir

The final destination was The Hideout for yet more NXNE action. The Goodluck Assembly opened the set for the evening with ample energy to shake off the fuzzy cobwebs from the afternoon of being in the sun.

Goodluck Assembly

Not to be outdone by the boys, Little Foot Long Foot took the stage next and cranked the volume to 11.

Little. Foot. Long. Foot.

Suitcase Says It All

All in all an action packed day that reminded me how much the city has to offer and inspired me to keep my ear to the ground and take advantage of what’s going on.

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