Portfolio Now Online

I’ve finally put together an online portfolio! Head to www.emerschlosser.com for work samples and CV.

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Emer on Instagram

I’ve finally got a new phone and have joined the world of Insatgram and am lovin’ it! Check out my shots: instagram.com/the1emer

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Black Diamond Cheese Spread: Spreading Now

The latest product from Black Diamond, Cheese Spread, launched its own site created by blueband digital and media with all copy written by me. Check it out at www.BlackDiamondCheeseSpread.ca

black diamond cheese spread


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Captain Phillips Causes Tensing, Seasickness, and Tears

Director Paul Greengrass hurls audience into the film Captain Phillips with seasick action and a possible Oscar-nod-worthy performance synched in the last 20 tear-inducing minutes by Tom Hanks. Read my review on Addicted in “Salute to Captain Phillips.”

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Chat with Denis Theriault

Hailing from Fredericton, New Brunswick, actor Denis Theriault will be making his way to hogtown to promote the film All the Wrong Reasons at the Toronto International Film Festival. Read what he had to say in “All the Right Questions with Denis Theriault” on Addicted.

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When Jews Were Funny

Read my Addicted review of When Jews Were Funny, a documentary that by its very title could insult the subjects by insinuating with “when” they are no longer, is a series of conversations with Jewish comedians about what Jewish humour is, was, or ever was in the first place. Yet, the interviewers sat, chat, and kvetched.

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Absolutely Loved The World’s End


Just like my favourite Cornetto flavour has three delicious sections (the ice cream, the chocolate, and the peanuts), a trio of comedic geniuses came together for a trilogy of hilarity. Also known as the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, this series ends with the wonderful The World’s End. Read the review on Addicted: “The Cornetto Trilogy Ends with The World’s End.”

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